Charltons Crypto Webinar 1 begins with an introduction and overview of cryptocurrency and crypto regulation, in particular:

  • The different regulatory approaches
  • Consumer and institutional adoption of crypto
  • Decentralised finance (DeFi)
  • Stablecoins
  • Facebook’s Libra
  • Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs)

Charltons Crypto Webinar 1 then moves on to consider virtual asset regulation, with a focus on:

  • The risks and Benefits
  • FATF Standards on Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-terrorist Financing
    • Overview of revised recommendations
    • Definition of VASPs
    • Application to countries and regions (including Hong Kong)
    • The “Travel Rule”
    • Implementation of the FATF Recommendations
    • FATF 2020 Report Key Findings
  • Trends in Use of Virtual Assets for AML/CFT Purposes
  • Trends in Virtual Asset Market Structure
  • FATF Recommendations and their Applicability to Stablecoins
CH-018977 (Webpage Portal)
2021-01-08 (Published)
2021-05-20 (Updated)