Argentina’s political landscape is buzzing with President Javier Milei’s ambitious legislative agenda, encompassed in the “Law of Bases and Starting Points for the Freedom of Argentines.” The comprehensive bill seeks libertarian reforms across diverse sectors, granting the president legislative powers through executive orders in specified emergency areas. The bill proposes declaring a national emergency until December 2025, with the potential for extension, allowing Milei to issue executive orders.
A notable provision introduces asset regulation, allowing individuals to declare ownership of assets, including cryptocurrencies, with a proposed tax of up to 15% on excess amounts. However, challenges arise as the bill faces skepticism, legal scrutiny, and opposition from major workers’ groups, such as the CGT, leading to a scheduled general strike on January 24.

The fate of Milei’s reform agenda remains uncertain as the bill progresses through Congress, highlighting the complexities of enacting transformative changes in a nation with diverse perspectives.