El Salvador Offers 5,000 Free Passports to Highly Skilled Professionals

Nayib Bukele, the President of El Salvador, announced a groundbreaking initiative to offer 5,000 free passports to highly skilled professionals from around the world. In a tweet, Bukele emphasized that this move aims to attract scientists, engineers, doctors, artists, and philosophers to the country, promising significant benefits and opportunities.

Under the plan, recipients of the free passports will be granted full citizenship status, including voting rights, and will enjoy incentives such as 0% taxes and tariffs on moving families and assets. This initiative represents a strategic effort by El Salvador to bolster its talent pool and position itself as a global hub for innovation and development.

The announcement comes amidst El Salvador’s recent initiatives to attract foreign investment and talent, including the adoption of Bitcoin as legal tender and the passage of a new migration law offering expedited citizenship to foreigners contributing to the country’s social and economic projects.

This move underscores El Salvador’s commitment to embracing innovation and attracting skilled professionals to drive economic growth and prosperity. As the country continues to implement forward-thinking policies, it is poised to capitalize on the opportunities presented by globalization and digital transformation.