Former Ethereum Advisor Steven Nerayoff Files Lawsuit Alleging Fraudulent Scheme

Steven Nerayoff, a former advisor to Ethereum, has initiated a lawsuit against Michael Hlady and Marianna Shooshani in the Supreme Court of New York, Nassau County, alleging a fraudulent scheme resulting in substantial financial loss. The lawsuit accuses Hlady and Shooshani of creating a fictitious consultancy firm, North Star Ventures Corp., to deceive Nerayoff into paying over three-quarters of a million dollars for non-existent consulting services.

Nerayoff alleges that Hlady, posing as a former government agent, and Shooshani induced him into entering a consulting agreement under false pretenses. Payments made by Nerayoff to NSV were purportedly for consulting fees and related expenses. However, it was later discovered that NSV did not exist, and Hlady had a criminal history.

In response, Nerayoff’s legal team has presented a multi-faceted legal strategy seeking recovery of the funds paid to Hlady and Shooshani, along with additional damages, citing fraudulent inducement and common law fraud among the causes of action.

This lawsuit comes as part of Nerayoff’s efforts to seek justice following previous legal challenges involving fabricated allegations by government agencies, as well as his commitment to uncovering corruption within the industry.