Gluwa Explores Partnership with Liberia for CBDC Development and Satellite Internet Service

Gluwa, a real-world assets platform, is in talks with Liberian President Joseph Boakai to explore the possibility of assisting in the development and launch of Liberia’s Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC). The CEO of Gluwa, Tae Oh, discussed strategies to make the CBDC compatible with Liberia’s mobile money system during a recent meeting with President Boakai. Additionally, Gluwa aims to address Liberia’s slow internet connectivity, particularly in rural areas, by considering the launch of a satellite-based internet service. By improving internet access, Gluwa seeks to enhance the accessibility and usage of the CBDC across the country, potentially increasing its chances of success.

This potential partnership with Liberia follows Gluwa’s recent involvement with the Nigerian central bank as a digital currency technology partner and discussions with Ghana’s Vice President regarding the development of Ghana’s CBDC. Gluwa’s efforts highlight its commitment to advancing digital financial services in Africa and leveraging innovative solutions to overcome infrastructure challenges. If successful, the collaboration between Gluwa and Liberia could significantly contribute to the adoption and effectiveness of the country’s CBDC, paving the way for greater financial inclusion and economic development.