On 6 February 2018, Charltons’ senior partner, Julia Charlton, participated in the panel discussion at the Cambodia Fintech Connection Week hosted by CamNEXT Global Limited (CamNEXT) and the Securities and Exchange Commission of Cambodia (SECC) in Hong Kong.

The event celebrates the strategic Fintech Exclusive Partnership MoU signed by CamNEXT and the SECC in December 2017 to tackle a range of fintech-related issues including the regulation of cryptocurrencies.  The hosts showcased their crypto-asset exchange platform’s Proof of Concept and strategic roadmaps which they intend to establish as a regulated trading platform for cryptocurrencies.  The panel discussed the tremendous potential of blockchain technology, cryptocurrency uses and the areas of risk and focussed on the various approaches being adopted to the regulation of cryptocurrency transactions, both initial coin offers or ICOs and exchange-based trading of cryptocurrencies.

The SECC and CamNEXT are working together to continue to enhance the development of the securities market in Cambodia and to implement a lawful regime for a regulated cryptocurrency exchange.