U.S. Lawmakers Call for Legislation Against Deepfake Images Following Taylor Swift Incident

Lawmakers in the United States are urging the enactment of legislation criminalizing the production of deepfake images after explicit fake photos of Taylor Swift circulated on various social media platforms, including X and Telegram. Representative Joe Morelle highlighted the Preventing Deepfakes of Intimate Images Act, legislation he authored to criminalize non-consensual deepfakes at the federal level. Representative Yvette Clarke emphasized that creating deepfakes has become more accessible and affordable with advancements in artificial intelligence (AI). While no federal laws currently address deepfake images, some lawmakers are pushing for legislation to combat the issue.

The incident involving Taylor Swift has reignited concerns about the potential harm caused by deepfake technology. The lawmakers’ call for legislation reflects a growing recognition of the need to address the misuse of AI-generated content, particularly when it involves non-consensual and explicit material. As AI continues to advance, policymakers are likely to explore additional measures to regulate and mitigate the negative impacts of deepfake technology. (Source: cointelegraph)