UK Supreme Court Denies Craig Wright Permission to Appeal in Libel Case

The UK Supreme Court has denied self-proclaimed Bitcoin inventor Craig Wright permission to appeal a ruling in his libel case against podcaster Peter McCormack. Wright was entitled to only £1 in compensation for the libel claim against McCormack in July. The Supreme Court’s decision means that the £1 nominal damages award stands, as Wright’s attempt to appeal has been unsuccessful twice. Craig Wright has long asserted that he is Bitcoin inventor Satoshi Nakamoto and claimed copyright to the Bitcoin whitepaper. Wright has pursued multiple lawsuits worldwide relating to the Bitcoin whitepaper and has faced skepticism within the crypto community.

Craig Wright’s legal battles and attempts to claim copyright to the Bitcoin whitepaper have been met with skepticism and resistance within the crypto community. The denial of permission to appeal in the libel case is a setback for Wright and reinforces the challenges he faces in gaining broader recognition for his claims. The controversy surrounding Wright’s identity and assertions adds to the complex landscape of legal and intellectual property issues in the cryptocurrency space. (Source: Cryptonews)