Belarus Prepares for CBDC Launch in 2026 to Revolutionize Cross-Border Trade

Belarus Central Bank is aiming to decentralize cross-border trade with the introduction of its new Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC), slated for a national rollout in 2026. Deputy Head of Research and Strategic Development at the National Bank of Belarus (NBB), Mikhail Demidenko, highlighted the goal of facilitating cross-border payments by reducing reliance on major currency issuers like the dollar and euro. Belarus’ strategic move towards introducing a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) in 2026 reflects its determination to decentralize cross-border trade and mitigate the impact of sanctions. By leveraging blockchain technology and emphasizing decentralization, the digital Belarusian ruble (DBR) aims to streamline cross-border payments, reduce reliance on major currencies, and foster economic resilience. The initiative underscores Belarus’ commitment to embracing digital innovation and enhancing financial inclusivity, marking a significant step towards modernizing its financial infrastructure and bolstering its position in the global economy. (Source: Cryptonews)