Buenos Aires Accuses Worldcoin of Violating Consumer Laws

The provincial government of Buenos Aires has formally accused Worldcoin of violating consumer laws through “abusive clauses” in its user agreement. The allegations include interruptions of services without offering repair or reimbursement, as well as the requirement for users to surrender their rights to collective complaints and apply Cayman Island laws to residents of Argentina.

Additionally, Worldcoin allegedly fails to provide an age disclaimer for users under 18, stores private data internationally in Brazil, and lacks clarity on the deletion of biometric data collected from Argentine users. If proven, Worldcoin could face a fine of up to 1 billion Argentine pesos ($1.2 million).

These allegations follow similar actions in the EU by Spain and Portugal, addressing data collection from minors, user consent, and data ownership. While Worldcoin claims its operations are legal, it faces pressure to adapt its terms to comply with regional regulations.

The outcome of these legal challenges will likely impact Worldcoin’s operations and reputation, particularly in terms of privacy and data protection compliance.