NEAR Coin: Bridging AI and Blockchain at Nvidia’s Cutting-Edge Event

Last week marked a significant moment for artificial intelligence-focused altcoins, particularly with Nvidia’s major announcements. At the NVIDIA GTC 2024 event, which included a segment dedicated to cryptocurrency, NEAR Protocol’s co-founder Illia Polosukhin participated as a speaker. He discussed topics such as the development of AI models and the role of blockchain in this domain.

During the Transforming AI panel, Nvidia’s CEO Jensen Huang addressed themes like the digital economy and programmable money. Polosukhin highlighted the challenges and opportunities arising from the convergence of AI and blockchain, emphasizing the potential of decentralized open networks.

NEAR Coin made an impression during the event, with a NEAR Coin official outlining their Web3 goals within the context of AI and cryptocurrency. Jensen praised NEAR, calling it “very cool.” Polosukhin emphasized NEAR’s large user base in the blockchain space, highlighting the integration of programmable money and value into daily interactions.

Polosukhin emphasized NEAR’s role in bridging the gap between the open web, programmable money, and artificial intelligence. While the potential for joint growth between AI and Web3 is promising, its practical applicability remains to be seen.