Non-Profit Organization in El Salvador Unveils Updated Bitcoin Diploma Program

A non-profit organization based in El Salvador, known as “Mi Primer Bitcoin” or “My First Bitcoin,” has launched an updated version of its Bitcoin Diploma program. This initiative is aimed at promoting wider adoption of Bitcoin and educating individuals from early age about its technology in BTC education.

The organization started offering BTC classes in El Salvador following the implementation of the Bitcoin Law in 2021. In June 2022, they introduced the first 10-week educational program, enrolling 38 students from public schools in El Salvador, making it the first BTC Diploma program in any public school system worldwide.

Now collaborating with the Ministry of Education in El Salvador, the organization’s BTC-focused educational program has been adopted as the primary resource for the country’s educational curriculum. Through partnerships with the government and Bitcoin Beach, they are currently training 700 public school teachers to deliver the BTC Diploma curriculum in local schools.

Furthermore, My First Bitcoin has established a “Node Network” of frontline BTC educators, with over 29 educational projects from 18 countries utilizing the Bitcoin Diploma.

The 2024 edition of the BTC Diploma covers various topics, including the history of money, the challenges of fiat currency, and the technical aspects of BTC and the Lightning Network. The curriculum is designed for a ten-week learning program and is publicly available on GitHub, with translations available in 23 languages.

John Dennehy, founder of My First Bitcoin, emphasized the organization’s commitment to BTC education, stating that it has the power to change the world by empowering individuals with financial literacy for the Bitcoin Era.