Argentina Marks Milestone with First Bitcoin Rent Contract Amid President Milei’s Deregulation Wave

In a landmark development, Argentina has witnessed its first-ever Bitcoin rental agreement, where a landlord in Rosario, Santa Fe province, has agreed to accept payment in Bitcoin from the tenant. Facilitated by finance company Fiwind, the tenant pays 100 USDT monthly to Fiwind, which converts the amount into Bitcoin and transfers it to the landlord. This groundbreaking deal is a result of President Milei’s radical deregulation policies, allowing parties to contracts to agree on payment in peso, foreign currency, or Bitcoin. The policy extends to various designated payment methods, including unconventional ones like kilograms of beef or liters of milk. While celebrated by liberals, Milei’s policies have faced protests from some Argentinians opposing emergency decrees to bypass the congressional system. Despite being a small development, the Rosario rental agreement signals a meaningful shift in Argentina towards embracing digital assets and fostering a digital asset economy. (Source: Dailycoin)