Indian Prime Minister Modi Calls for International Cooperation on Cyber Threats and Cryptocurrencies

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has appealed for global collaboration to address contemporary challenges, particularly cyber threats and cryptocurrencies. During the Commonwealth Legal Education Association and the Commonwealth Attorneys and Solicitors General Conference 2024 in New Delhi, Modi stressed the need for unified justice delivery in the face of increasing interdependence. He highlighted the importance of international cooperation to combat transnational crimes and proposed a flexible legal framework to address 21st-century challenges such as the growth of cryptocurrency and cyber threats. Modi believes that reevaluating, reinventing, and reforming current legal frameworks will lead to a modernized justice delivery system.

As digital technologies advance, issues like cyber threats and the use of cryptocurrencies for illicit activities have become cross-border concerns. Modi’s emphasis on collaboration aligns with the recognition that effective solutions require coordinated efforts among nations.

The proposal for a flexible legal framework and the need for a total reevaluation of existing legal structures highlight the evolving nature of legal challenges posed by advancements in technology. The prime minister’s call for modernization suggests a recognition of the need for legal systems to adapt to current realities, ensuring that justice delivery remains efficient and relevant.