Kazakhstan to introduce roadmap for developing its crypto market 11 May 2021

Kazakhstan’s government is creating a roadmap to stimulate the development of the country’s cryptocurrency industry and blockchain technology. State authorities have reviewed proposals to develop the crypto industry and reconsider the state’s approach to the regulation of crypto activities. There has been a proposal to run crypto exchanges via the Astana International Financial Centre, a major national financial hub. The government also suggested establishing standards which would apply to crypto exchanges’ interaction with local banks and clients. The new initiative aims to provide transparency and organisation for the local crypto industry. Kazakhstan is gradually improving its environment for the crypto industry and digital assets. Kazakhstan’s central bank is also considering the adoption of a central bank digital currency and has issued a report and public consultation on the subject.

Source – https://cointelegraph.com/news/kazakhstan-s-government-to-create-roadmap-for-developing-crypto-market

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2021-05-11 (Published)
2021-07-28 (Updated)