Spain Orders Worldcoin to Halt Data Collection Amid Complaints

The Spanish Data Collection Agency (AEPD) has directed human identity-focused crypto project Worldcoin (WLD) to cease collecting personal data in Spain following multiple complaints from users. The AEPD mandates Worldcoin to stop data collection and processing, including blocking already collected data, due to alleged infringements such as insufficient information disclosure, data collection from minors, and non-withdrawable consent.

The AEPD’s intervention reflects growing concerns over privacy and data protection in the cryptocurrency space, particularly regarding projects like Worldcoin that gather sensitive personal information. The move underscores the need for stringent regulations and oversight to safeguard users’ rights and privacy in emerging technologies.

Spain’s action against Worldcoin underscores the importance of regulatory compliance and accountability in the cryptocurrency sector. It highlights the challenges faced by projects that handle personal data and the imperative for robust data protection measures. As the crypto industry continues to evolve, ensuring transparency and adherence to privacy regulations will be crucial for fostering trust and legitimacy among users and regulatory authorities alike.