White & Case LLP Bolsters White Collar Practice with Ladan Stewart’s Addition

Global law firm White & Case LLP has expanded its White Collar Practice with the appointment of Ladan Stewart, a seasoned US Securities and Exchange Commission enforcement attorney and civil litigator, as its New York Partner. Stewart’s experience, including her role as head of the SEC’s lawsuit against Coinbase and Ripple, positions her as a valuable asset to the firm.

With over 20 years of experience, Stewart brings a wealth of knowledge to White & Case, particularly in securities enforcement and civil litigation. Her leadership role in the SEC’s specialized crypto and cyber litigation unit underscores her expertise in navigating legal challenges in the rapidly evolving crypto industry.

Stewart’s addition aligns with White & Case’s strategic focus on expanding its White Collar Practice and strengthening its position in the U.S. legal market. Joel M. Cohen, Global Head of White & Case’s Global White Collar Practice, emphasizes Stewart’s role in addressing heightened regulatory scrutiny in the crypto industry.

Stewart’s transition from the SEC to private practice may signal a shift in the legal landscape surrounding crypto regulation. Her involvement in litigations against major crypto entities suggests that White & Case aims to play a pivotal role in shaping legal strategies for crypto firms facing regulatory challenges.
White & Case’s involvement in advising Fidelity International on the launch of its Fidelity Physical Bitcoin ETP reflects the intersection of legal expertise and financial innovation. Stewart’s addition may further strengthen the firm’s capabilities in advising clients on navigating complex legal and regulatory frameworks in the crypto space.

Ladan Stewart’s appointment as Partner at White & Case LLP marks a significant milestone in the firm’s expansion of its White Collar Practice and underscores its commitment to providing comprehensive legal services in the evolving crypto landscape. As Stewart brings her expertise in securities enforcement and civil litigation to the firm, stakeholders will closely monitor the impact of her addition on crypto regulation and legal strategies within the industry.